Women Only Hunt 2017 Wrap Up

woh4 wrapup

It is wrap up time for the WOH4 which was filled with some wonderful gifts and prizes (some were easy to find and a few in the Twisted vein apparently -- so I divide them into two categories).  Sami got most if not all of the prizes. A few when she did the hunt in the first couple of days were missing objects with just the notecard about the hunt and a landmark, one had moved and apparently not replaced the hunt item -- you know how it goes.

But this is certainly the best hunt for gals out there.

In the new stars from page four of the hud we have the set from HILLY HAALAN which comes in MANY sizes to fit most everyone. Boots, purse, glasses and a choice of coat with or without scarf are all in the pack.

altamura free full body avatar withhud

And on Di, my dusty alt who I have been updating we also have the free altamura full body avatar. Since Sami was "very happy with her look, thank you so much", I logged in Di and got her set up. If you remember she had been wearing the eBody free body and her system head maybe to update to the free head at The Chapter Four (and that might happen still, who knows).

altamura and eBody each have advantages and disadvantages and I will let you sort those out for yourself to see which might be best for you or your alt.

The free altamura avatar (you can turn the head off and wear another if you so choose) comes with some cool animation huds for face and hands. These are separate and you add them when needed, but that gives you lots of control over things. Add the many many alpha slotted hud and you can do lots.

There are no makeup choices with the hunt body or skin tones and I am pretty sure this is NOT Omega compatible with a relay as the guys body was not.

I adjusted the provided shape (you really need to start with that or at least copy over some of the head parameters as it does NOT agree with what we would think of as the typical human look of a head when you plop it on your old shape :D.

I am very pleased with her look!

Not all that many clothes will fit even with all the alpha slots, but pants, skirts and sweaters with sleeves seem to be pretty good. I will take her out to pick up some of the new hunt booty soon and we will see what choices she has with attire.

My quick test has Slink shoes fitting.

One more great picture to leave you with.


... SpotCat ... WOH4 HUNT - Pose Haska wearable puppy with pose. Use your hover height slider to get to the floor. So cute.

Sami's snowflake top comes with color options in grayscale for the bottom of the sweater ---- is from !APHORISM!  The Bridget Sweater Snowflake is beautifully made with various fits.

Happy Hunting! 

Poses by: ChiC buildings and LAP [nla]

Women Only Hunt 2017 Stars 3

All the hunting, gathering and shopping is tiring, so some comfy rest time is called for now and then.  Still on page two of the WOH4 hud, the [ SAKIDE ] By The Fire Outfit. This has a texture change hud in light pastels.

You can find a collection of nails (solid blue, solid silver and two pattern versions) for most every mesh body at LIVIA -- the ::Snow Royale Nails

At Essenz you can find these striking high boots in various mesh body fits.

Find these pink snow boots at G&D.

This stylish two piece collar and necklace set comes with a big color change hud and is especially perfect if you have a "head to body seam issue" :D.  Find it at SECRETS.

Poses by: aDORKable and Torrid Midnight [nla]

Advent Day 11

Login and grid issues kept some reports from being counted, but the Sadie dress from PurpleMoon is an absolute winner. A perfect fit and a mini hud that let's you turn the lace on and off as well as the straps - or change the color of the straps.

This is just gorgeous.

There is also a striking brown and gold collar for gals and a skull necklace for guys at MEVA.  Sway's gift is a very pretty candle holder.

Pose by: ChiC buildings

Twelve Days Starts Early

There really ARE just too many wonderful gifts to cover.
This is my forth or fifth post today so be sure and scroll down and flip back :D.

There is a free full body with head altamura gal avatar on the WOH (in the queue but check that out yourself if you are in a hurry) and now there is this really lovely head as a gift over at eBENTO  (altamura group $40) which also has started its advent calendar (free to join). This head reportedly takes Omega applier skins.

And in a few days altamura will start its own 12 day calendar for the group.

More on the 12 day calendars coming up soon.

From a long distance view it appear that altamura is doing a good job of getting placement in the game even though a latecomer. Much like Catwa let everyone make skins for their head, the more folks with altamura bodies and heads, the more that will be made for them.

Women Only Hunt 2017 Stars 2

Onward with the WOH4 hunt takes us into mostly clothing territory. There are lots of well-known designers in this hunt and some beautifully made items. So much will be finding your style within the gifts. There really should be something for everyone. I have to admit that there were a few things Sami showed me that had me shaking my head, but not many :D.

Update on SYS:  Sami returned to see if a gift had magically arrived but only found a HUGE bunch of gals (and guys actually who maybe have girl alts? ) NOT finding the snowflake. So as of Sunday at 2 it seems not out. It was actually fun for her to remember the days when there was lots of chatting during hunts, so that was fun anyway.  I suggest you skip that one for now. 

EDIT: Sami just found a teleport hud in her inventory from SYS. It came automatically when you are at the landing point. So it "seems" like the hunt item could be VERY FAR away from the entry should anyone want to click on all the various teleport regions and hunt.  She isn't going to do that LOL.   

She is now off to find things on Page Four. More reports are in the queue. 

Also note that apparently there are a lot of forced landmarks with the location arrow pointing off into some odd direction rather than the actually location of the store. So finding some stores might be difficult. Again, bad day (week) on the grid so this may all dissipate soon.

Kaithleen's Crissy Dress which happily comes with some killer panties!  You could of course opt for white leggings :D.

Also, Maitreya users, it seems like the hunt hud and the Maitreya hud are trying to use the same channel? So you will likely need to detach your hunt hud to use the alpha layers (and probably other parts of the hud).

The HolliPocket Babie Doll Winter Dreams is super cute. Most of us will need some undies or a body suit :D.  But who knows, this may be perfect for you as is!

Pose by ChiC buildings free at On9.

This is LYBRA's Tayla Red bodysuit. Everything is artuflly covered. Great for under jeans or mini skirt or just lounging around.

Pose by LAP [nla]

Poses by: LAP [nla]

Holiday Smiles

Holiday Smiles

Definitely my favorite holiday gift of the season so far, ~Nerido~ Gray Kitten with garland at Chapter Four ($10 group required).  Still laggy I hear but MUCH less so than when the sim was overfull for days *wink*.

A new release from the same event is striped mocha - plate with baubles - blue/copper  --- here I turned the accompanying plate transparent for better contrast in the photo.

Industrial Steam


Steampunk, fantasy and industrial all combine in a fun photo of new releases and some old favorites.

From [Have Unequal]  the Scarlett Outfit Gacha at The Chapter Four. This is the rare black version with other colors including white and red with some versions within versions. These are for Maitreya and fit like a glove.

The Vleigh Industrial Fireplace from Newchurch comes in two sizes and for really tall ceilings like mine you can even stretch the verticals a bunch and it still looks  great!  Find it at On9.

The Six o'clock - TNL - Tripod Lamps come in three heights with lots of realism and fit nicely into this scene. Find them at Cosmopolitan.

And if you zoom into the Flickr photo you can see I am still wearing my new Zion ring from Kunglers at On9.

To the newness I added some goodies from both recent and far away past.  My jewelry is from the Meva Aesur gacha (November past) and if you try for this great [HU] outfit I suggest that you add this to your gacha list. Perfect pairing.

My hair is ancient and the next to oldest hair still in my ten year old closet. This is GARAGE Hair 004 from the summer of 2010. Still sunning and takes a great photo. The maker is no longer in the hair business but appears to still be around with lashes and such :D.

Those dramatic shadows are courtesy of my new industrial warehouse completed today. It will be appearing from ChiC buildings sometime in the future and will house the new sound stages at the Machinima Open Studio Project. The new theme is "back lot" and these will work swimmingly.

Poses by: aDORKable

Advent Day 10

If you are new to this daily spotlight, SLURLs are in this post.

Day 10 of Advent brought matches to two previous releases and one that will gift that will find its mate tomorrow.

From PurpleMoon, earrings and bracelet to mach a previous necklace gift, from Entice a cute top in OH so many sizes and fits that will have some coordinating pants tomorrow, and ---

from go! a skirt to coordinate with yesterday's schoolgirl sweater.

For the guys there is a golden necklace on leather thong at MEVA's and a dark system skin (also one with more beard) at 7 Deadly S[k]ins.

Pose by:  ChiC buildings

Women Only Hunt 2017 Stars 1

A few favorites from the WHO4 hunt. Pick up your hud here.

As the hunt began there was at least one empty box and one missing blue snowflake (your hunt item). Also there is at least one where you will HAVE to click for a hint as the gift is nowhere near the landing point of the store (sad face).

From page one of the hud. Super cute sweater from cheekyDAZED Fogging Up Glasses and Slipper Snowgirl Necklace.

Pose by: HELLO Poses (page one of the hunt hud)


Note that there ARE decoys and while most stores maxed at one, at least one store had a six or seven. Nothing to break the record set LONG ago for about a thousand decoys on one stop of a hunt.  I found the photo from October 2011. I am not kidding; they went on WAY past my photo shot boundaries.

It is the weekend and it is the holidays. Put those together and it has been tough all over the grid. My up to over 200 fps on my building pad has been below 80 which is RARE and things just aren't working as we would like them to.

The hud, while large to see the logos now closes for your camming please (a plus for sure). If it stops working as it did for Sami, detach and reattach as your first choice. Relogging didn't help in her case. There was a fair amount of falling through pads in the sky, but again -- weekend and holidays and just the way it is :D.

From page 2 of the HUD

From [JUSTICE] a superb (in caps) not your mother's hoodie.  I love this!

Pose by Helamiyo from the Crazy set (part of the hunt).

Really lovely mesh!

And from [[Masoom]] a striking dress with hud for changing the colors on the metal. Quite lovely.

That's it for our first report, gals.  Sami says some of those snowflakes are pretty tricky so work hard. She has missed at least two so far -- they may not be out or she might just not have found them. Even old hunters can miss things :D.

Glittery On9

On9 is open with some dazzling new releases as well as many gifts (free group needed).

Photo credits include:

Ionic Kaitherine hair (free with two styles and various color huds)

HAYSURIZA Ethnic Scale jewelry in many colors (new release)

alaskametro makeup "Fey" lipgloss and "Soiree" eyeshadow (new release)

alaskametro "New Year Black/Copper" nail appliers (gift)

(AnaMarkova) Marlena Dress in Mink -- with matching fur stole -- (gift)

Poses by: Di's Opera

Advent Day 9

Clothing for gals are today's featured Advent swag.

From go! this cute schoolgirl sweater with ribbon tie.

From PurpleMoon this lovely knee length formal dress perfect for fancy holiday events.

Poses by: LAP and Behavior Body

Darkness and Light


Need a break from red and green?  Well I am guessing you WILL as the days move onward in December. I turned to black as my non-festive non-color of choice.

From MEVA at The Imaginarium, Meva Glove Arm Metall Dark  (left and rights) from a big big set of gloves and jewelry-- some fairly treacherous looking.

Bangles and rings are also in the set and many metals and colors are covered. So find your favorites to try for.

My hair is a new release from eXxEsS, VELONIA. A versions with snowflakes is this years holiday gift!

Nails and makeup by alaskametro

Pose by: ChiC buildings and will be a gift at On9 opening the 9th

Advent Day 8

Today's Advent highlights come to you from Entice where you can pick up this holiday dress in many sizes including standard fitmesh. This is Freya on the free eBody classic mesh body.

Shoes are a gift from ALB Dream Fashion.  Both calendars require groups.

Tree RIORO at The Chapter Four; bauble ornaments a gift at the event.

Also of note, some very nice texture change shades for men at MEVA, Catwa applier at WoW, holiday themed placesetting a Sway's and Ampersand wooden decor at ChiC buildings.

Pose by: ChiC buildings

Holiday Cheer

Out for Fifty Linden Friday a big set of holiday items from {what next} including a lovely poinsettia with texture change options for both pot and leaves (what we think of as flowers are actually leaves ya know). 

Add a texture change welcome mat and a selection of nutcrackers (large, small and a trumpet version) also with texture change options and you have some winners no matter what you holiday style might be.

The pretty snowflake is from striped mocha, a gift at The Chapter Four and one of my personal favorites. It was hanging out on my photo stand and added a nice balance -- so serendipity rules.

Happy shopping!



Two new dramatic release premiere soon.

From Vanity Hair for Winter Trend, Aspen.

From Kunglers at On9, Zion rings

Colors are of course up to you. There are many lovely combos to choose from.

Get ready to shop!

Makeup and nails: alaskametro
Pose by: Orc Inc

Advent Day 7

Highlights from today's Advent calendars include a super cute white and gray hand knit dress from ALB Dream Fashion and this fun sled from Sway's.

Go forth and gather!

Pose by: aDORKable

Advent Day 6

A cute oversized holiday sweater tops today's advent list.

Find it at go! (group)

And serendipity steps in to coordinate two homeware gifts, a pretty pillow fro MEVA and a trio of sticks and vases from ChiC buildings.

Other notables include a swimsuit at Entice and a silver chain necklace for guys at MEVA.

Pose by: Behavior Body

Advent Day 5

Advent Day Five

Jewelry pieces are the Advent stars for Day 5.

Necklace and earrings from the PurpleMoon Advent calendar.

From MEVA, a manly beaded necklace with metal token. This resizes (manually) for gals too. Ladies metal cuffs are the gift from the pink chest.

This lovely holiday tree is one of my favorites and comes with twinkling lights. Find it newly released at The Chapter Four at the ROIRO stand. There are many versions and colors. This is "snow".

Gifts abound at TCF and from ROIRO, there is a pretty box of presents for under the tree.

Over at ALB red outfits start off with a super cute jacket with tassels for the gals. More pieces are in the set.

Hanging lanterns on poles can be found at Sway's.

A triple metal wall shelf is the gift at ChiC buildings.

Poses by: LAP [nla]

Winter Neutrals

winter neutrals

I really love white in winter. Must be the "snow" reference.

From Seniha, the Nancy Dress with plain, cable and multicolor knit patterns to choose from. I picked the cable knit in white and added some white leggings and boots (lassitude & ennui Wicked booties ) to turn the dress into a tunic (I love my pants). New at Cosmopolitan.

My favorite gift of December at The Imaginarium is this decor piece form Mudhoney. The MudHoney Wooden Mountains come much smaller in size but hold there 1 land impact if you want to boost their presence. That works too.

Hair: Cleo from Wasabi Pills

Pose by: Diesel Works

Advent Day 3

The star of the advent show in my mind today is this one piece tea set from MEVA.  This goes with one of my favorite MEVA releases, the exotic Aria furniture grouping.  I am really thrilled that I will be able to use both this and that set in the new year. More on that in another post.

Find this in the GALS pink cabinet. The guys have a nice tank for two mesh bodies (I am pretty sure that was Jake and Signature -- neither which I have :D).

Also of note is a very pretty NOEL candle decor piece from Sway's.  You can check what is at Sway's each day here by the way.  I didn't hunt for the stars, but my friend has all but number 17 and is very happy with the gifts. Today's is now decorating her shop! 

WOW has system skin for gals.
Seven Deadly S[k]ins has a single system skin for guys and a Letluka applier for gals in apricot.

Black and maroon dress is the gift at Entice (and it is VERY LAGGY THERE :D -- or was this morning, so be patient).

Fabulous FaMESHed

The FaMESHed sim is of course full as I type this. Happily I have a couple of "premium" friends (in oh so many ways) that can get in with one click (yes a perk for sure).

Aside from shopping you can pick up some very nice gifts under the tree. The outfit on the left is from CoCo and on the right from [Cynful].  There are other nice presents too including some pretty jewelry. No one mentioned male things. The guys DO have a tougher time with gifts :(

Look for the big tree at the landing point. You will need a free group tag.

Letting my fingers do the walking at Seraphim, I see that you can purchase different colors of the CoCo set as well as a super cute jacket that fits over the tank.

Apple Fall has some stellar decor pieces out.

Ncore has some SUPER CUTE heels (fun!)

Christmas stockings and mug in the photo from Sway's.

white out - sleigh

ALSO -- From Trompe Loeil, a hammered sleigh. Both PG and A versions are available.  There is also a new cottage with optional snow add on should you be in the market.

Me?  I am very much ensconced in my Trompe Loeil - Amelie Cottage.  Settling in for the winter with a warm fire and some friends.

Poses by: LAP [nla] and Torridwear [nla]

Let's Hear It for Gifts!

altamura free mesh head at TCF

It is the season of gift giving and gathering. No question about that. There are numerous notable presents appearing all over the grid.

Included in the list is this Maya Head gift from altamura at The Chapter Four (opens the forth natch).

One thing I enjoy about being in the venues is popping in (OK, I do pop in often; I admit it) to watch the event come together. As I type this it is pretty empty still over at TCF, a handful of folks with me of course being there as the starting gate opened.

Among some fun and lovely gifts is the traditional (non-bento) mesh head with hud and appliers from altamura (the brand that gave the guys their full mesh avatar in a hunt not long ago).

The hud is fairly self explanatory and if you click a button you don't want, clicking again turns it back.  It looks like there is an Omega skin hud for applying matching skin which leads me to believe that you could use other Omega skins with an altamura relay.

Most of my readers have likely had mesh heads for a long time, but if you do not and want to try going all mesh, what a great way to experiment.  I will be letting my alt try this out once the venue opens and the crowds dissipate.

Meanwhile, you heard it here.

Most creators have holiday presents at their stands. Look for small gold sacks.

There is a notecard telling you how to adjust your head shape (only a few measurements to change).


Pose by: Di's Opera

Advent Day 2


Here are some personal favorites from the Advent calendar's of day two. 

SLURLs and updated info can be found on the main Advent Post.

Also to be found?

Catwa applier at WoW 

A big set of system skins with appliers (not for heads) in various skin tones with different brow options at 7 Deadly S[k]ins -- two tones of male skins.

Gold retro rug at ChiC buildings

Christmas red vest with trees at go!

Note that ENTICE has "fixed" there Advent pickup method and you now have a choice of paying $1 and getting reimbursed with your group tag OR paying $25. I can imagine the complaints from folks that got this wrong yesterday; my guys were about to cross them off their lists :D. So all good there. 

Poses by: Torrid Midnight, Diesel Works

Advent Day One

advent day 1

Changes Changes -- and some things stay the same.

There have been quite a few updates to my Advent 2017 list, with the big one being about MEVA. But before we get to that, the not to surprisingly hard to track down Kittycat's Calendar WILL be happening.

Sorry looks like that was bad info from the official KittyCat's support staff :( 

On the Kittycat's blog and found in the group archives is this quote: " In years past, we've had the KittyCatS & Friends Advent Calendar. This year we've decided to take a break from doing the calendar. Instead we've got something really special planned for a little later in the month that we think you will all really enjoy. Smile"

I signed up my alt to the Kittycats group to watch for the announcement and I will update as needed -- but NO Advent Calendar.

What I THOUGHT might be a Kittycat's Calendar is actually a WoW Skins store calender WITH NO GROUP NEEDED.  So be sure and stop by there.

ENTICE is tricky and you could end up paying $25 if you don't make sure that you have the correct tag on. So fair warning ^^.

Along with my pretty picture of the day, be sure and stop by Purple Moon if you are a member (or want to become one) and pick up some lovely ruby and diamond "ball gown" earrings. If you are lucky you will have an occasion to wear them during the holiday season.

Now to some happy surprise news. The traditional 12  Days calendar at Meva's has gone to 24 days AND there is now a gift for gals and a gift for guys. These are in separate cabinets but pick up both as you never know what will work for you.

Case in point? Today's gals gift was this cute Teddy; I downsized him a bit so he would work with my pose. And the guy gift was this very nice herringbone cap -- which I also downsized to work for MOI!

Even better?  The group join fee if lifted for December. So get over there and prepare to pick up some very nice items.

Oh, the very pretty wall decor is a gift from MEVA at The Imaginarium gacha event. Don't miss that.

Talk soon!

Non-advent outfit parts:
ED. Erika jacket
Mowie Zarina leggings

After Dark hair from Vanity Hair

Pose by: aDORKable

POE 10 - Favs

POE 10 Hunt 2017 - Favs

The POE10 hunt hasn't officially started, but being a good sleuth, my gal and I found a few spectacular items that you might want to check out.  This is a big and all inclusive hunt so there are lots of stops.

We let our fingers do the walking in the hunt preview list and found a fair amount of the shops via search. There are some on our list that seem to be in hiding so far as listing go, but we can always find them on the official web list tomorrow.

There are hints on the posters outside the shops and all the shops we found were ready (now, that's a surprise!).

Here is a list of the makers so you can find them when the hunt begins.

On moi (left):

IMaGE Factory Sweater Dress
!CGF- Belted White Leggings (appliers and system) there is also a very nice red sweater in the gift as well as the boots I am wearing

On Sami (right):

!!! Lune~Bleue Santa's Helper set. Both short coat and one piece skirt and tank with belt are in the gift. VERY nice!

In the H and G category we have:

StoraxTree Potted Holiday Tree w Candles & Lights
{Why Not ?} World Travel Set {Peace On Earth}

Go forth. Have fun.
We will be back with an Advent report in the morrow.

Poses by: Artis from the POE10 hunt