Abandoned Theater

This is my favorite outfit from MEVA in  --- well, maybe forever!

The Bridget Set for The Epiphany comes in three colors -- gray, blue and beige (shown). Along with the outstanding corset (RARE and called Corsage in the gacha) there are leg wraps, sleeves and a necktie. The Crown is the special gift for adamant players.  A Maitreya fit only outfit, this is really lovely, so don't miss it!

And here's the story behind the photo. When I put this on it brought back memories. Other burlesque ensembles, and shadows of photos shoots from years gone by. I knew where I wanted to take this photo -- in the old theater of The Looking Glass. That sim has been redone of late but I was hoping that the theater would still be there. I ventured over and with area search found the theater, far away from the main areas.

The theater had changed a bit from my memories. No longer on a village street, it was now sunken into marches with fantasy flora mix hither an yon. The stage was still the same though and I took my place near the wooden tree and took my shot.

Good memories.

Hair: Mousse by eXxEsS

Poses by: oOo Studio

Window Gazing

Window Gazing
A little black top, a little black skirt and some little and TALL black heels. Who knew simple things could combine in such a smashing way?

First up though, let's look at the 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Odette Armchair. This version is black and gold, but silver accents can also be had as well as a white leather. PG or A choices of animations.

Find this finely detailed sitting classic at The Liaison Collaborative.

Fashion notes:

Kaithleen's Leather Top at Cosmopolitan comes in many colors; Maitreya, Belleza and Slink fits. It's brief but packed full of details, and it pairs perfectly with another single release ...

the .:AVALE:. Odette skirt and belt from Tres Chic (opens the 17th). Maitreya, Belleza, Slink and TMP fits and a color hud with a collection of plains and chevrons.

This coming together club outfit is joined by ...

some beautifully crafted heels, G&D Shoes Miranda. Lots of colors and choices by huds. Bound to be a big hit, you can find them at Cosmopolitan also. Maitreya, Belleza, Slink and TMP fits.

This saucy hair from Ducknipple adds to the attitude of the attire. Look for Tina.

(Kunglers) Artemis bracelet (previous gift)

Poses by: Di's Opera - Grandeur Series Cosmopolitan



Some time ago in a land not too far away -

someone asserted determinedly that we were not in a relationship.

Even though it isn't February and even though it wasn't an I will love you forever affair, I was thinking about relationships and the problem some folks have with them.

I, of course, considered the asserter as a person I was in a relationship with. Details don't matter of course and here's why.

We are all constantly in relationships with one another. I have a relationship with my neighbor who kindly brings in my trash can during the winter months when almost no one wants to venture out in the muck. It is a small thing, but it is important and we have a "relationship" because of that.

As most of you, I have long term relationships with a few important people. Many span decades. I still, in my mind, have relationships with the men I have loved even though I haven't seem many of them in numerous years.  They were important to me. They in part made me who I am today.

Whether it is family or someone you constantly fight with over Internet forums, we all interact with each other continuously. And over time, that becomes a relationship -- even if we don't really want it to be.

So here is to relationships -- past, present and future. May we recognize them and their importance.

Fashion notes:

[MYNX] Resin rings at Chapter Four (right and left sets in various patterns and colors - this is the black version)

Vanity Hair's Miss Lu at The Crossroads (texture huds of course).

Makeup by alaskametro

Pose by: Status